Barbie Cupcake Toppers

Barbie Cake Toppers

Barbie Cake Toppers

Barbie! Every girl's best friend. Created in 1959 and still popular today; proves a point that this lady doll is one influential icon for the past and present generations.

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What then are you waiting for? Doll up your little girl's party with a Barbie theme. Spice it up with edible Barbie cake toppers.

Birthday party, slumber party, summer splash, holiday get-together, Halloween night...and what-have-you party girls celebrate will be even more special with Barbie in attendance.

For every Barbie cake toppers package, you'll get 3 pretty flowers, 3 wrapped gifts and 3 Barbie logos to stamp its name on the party cake or cupcakes.

Girl power, here we come!

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