Bee Cupcakes

Bee Cupcake Decoration

Bee Cup Cake

Neil and I experimented with different combinations to come up with this bee cupcake decoration and we think he looks pretty good.

Don't you think this Bee cup cake looks very cute. The bonus is that it is simple to make.

It's bright yellow body and strips is very striking. We think this would make a great birthday cake for a beekeeper or insect lover.

Follow our easy step by step directions, to create your own bee. And use the photo above as a guide.

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time take a look at these pre-made bee decorations ideal for bee cupcakes.

edible-bee-cake-topper (4K)


12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used choc chip cupcake recipe
1 qty butter cream frosting
  yellow food coloring
12 square after dinner mint slices
12 yellow jubes
  licorice strips
black decorating gels (see side bar)
Decorating Gels
Get your Decorating Gel Online Here or you might find some in your local store.
1. Color the icing to a bright yellow shade.
2. Cover each cake with icing.
3. Cut each mint slice in half diagonally.
4. Position each half of the mint in the middle of each cake.
5. Cut the licorice into short lengths and position on the cake under each wing.
6. Position a jube for the head.
7. Pipe two dots for eyes and a longer stroke for the nose with the black icing gel.
    Makes 12.
    Use the Photo at the top of the page as a guide for your own bee cupcake.


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