Butterfly Cupcake Decoration

What could be prettier than this butterfly cupcake decoration. We think this looks fabulous alternatively you might like these other butterfly cupcakes decoration ideas.

This will make the ideal kids birthday cake - bright and colorful everyone is sure to enjoy them. Make several and serve as dessert - they are so delicious there is no need for anything else.

You can make these at home without any cake decorating experience - just frost with basic frosting and decorate your butterfly as per the photo below. It really is that simple.

In no time you will have your very own butterfly cakes.

If you are really pressed for time - you could buy some butterfly cake decorations but really this is so easy to make there's no need.

  Make this butterfly cupcake decoration yourself!

Pretty Cupcake Butterfly

2 Standard sized cupcakes - any recipe, we used this red velvet cupcake recipe
2 Mini sized cupcakes
1 qty frosting
1 pkt candy coated chocolates
1 pkt chocolate stick cookies
  licorice strips
1. Cover each cake with frosting - making the 2 mini cupcakes a contrasting color. We used yellow and orange but consider pink and purple; or pale green and mid green.
2. Arrange as per photo above.
3. Position choc coated around the edge of each cake and decorat centres of cake as per photo.
4. Lay a couple of cookies across the body to cover up the hole.
5. Cut the licorice into small antenna.
    Makes 1 butterfly
    They are fairly quick once you decide on your colors - make a few on a board for a fantastic birthday cake.


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