Christmas Decoration Cupcakes

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

Christmas Ornament Cake Decoration

Make a whole group of these and you will have your very own Christmas Tree cupcake.

Use different colored frosting and different colored candies to match your own christmas color themes.


How To Make Your Christmas Tree Decoration Cupcakes

1 Standard sized cupcake - any recipe, we used our chocolate cupcake recipe
1 qty frosting recipe - colored to pink (but use what ever color you fancy)
qty candy coated chocolates - we used mini m&m's
1 round shaped chocolate (like a rolo or a mini reeses cup)
colored gel icing tubes
1. Cover each cupcake with the cupcake frosting.
2. Place the round chocolate at the top edge.
3. Decorate with rows of colored mini m&m's.
4. Use the 'gel pens' to draw lines inbetween the rows of candies for more effect.

Makes 1 bright and cheerful looking Christmas Tree Decoration.

These are quick and easy to make - so make a whole platter full.

Get a large cake board and arrange the cupcakes in the shape of a tree for ever more fun.

Chirstmas Tree Ornament Cupcakes

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