Clown Cupcake Toppers

Clown Cup Toppers

Clown Cup Toppers

These edible cake toppers are a fun addition to a kids birthday party. As the young partyphiles would likely say, where there’s a clown, there’s the par-tayyyy!!!

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The clown-shaped sugar treats are also a great add-on for cupcakes, brownies, cookies and ice cream.

Dab the cake, cupcakes or any dessert you have with bright frosting to match these clown toppers. For a real happy affair, go for the vibrant colors of yellow, green, pink or blue.

You could also use color coordinated mini m&m's (or smarties) around each clown to simulate a juggling act.

Looking at your cakes with these edible toppers will surely put a happy smile on everyone's faces. The kids will love it!

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