Cup Cake Decorations

Cup cake Decorations

Simple cake decorating instructions using step by step directions to create fabulous looking cup cakes at home.

Cup cake Decorations, we made at home and so can you.

Easy to prepare cupcakes, frostings and decorations.

Here is a list of all our Seasonal cake decorations. Find cup cake themes for Easter, Christmas, Halloween and much more.

If you are after a different theme then take a look at our entire cupcake decoration index.

Neil and I have made all these cakes ourselves. And if we can achieve these, so can you.

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  Any Season      Any Season

CupCake Papers - The quickest and simplest way to add color and fun to any cupcake instantly.

Easter Egg      Easter Cup Cakes

For all our Easter Cupcakes take a look at our Photo Directory.

Easter Nest Cup cake Decoration - Look Spectacular! But so easy to make. Use chocolate to make the nest and fill with store bought baby eggs.

Easter Motif Cup Cake Decorations - Quick, easy and fun to make. The children can even help with these.

Easter ChickCup Cake Decorations - Get the kids to help with these quick and easy cup cakes.

Easter BunnyCup Cake Decorations - Oh so cute and easy to put together.

Halloween Pumpkin      Halloween Cup Cakes

For ALL our Halloween Cakes take a look at our Photo Directory.

Cup Cake Decorations
- Have a slithering good time with these cup cakes.

Spider Cup Cake Decorations - This Halloween party cake will be a hit - use as many cupcakes as you like, decorate with a web and heaps of spiders - very scary.

Eyeball Cup Cake Decorations - Spooky and scary - but oh so easy. These are great fun.

GhostCup Cake Decorations - You won't believe how effective these are.

Gravestone Cup Cake Decorations - Create a Halloween theme party with these cakes.

MonsterCup Cake Decorations - See if you can make yours look scarier than mine (I think mine is too friendly).

MummyCup Cake Decorations - We have Halloween all wrapped up with these cakes.

Christmas      Christmas Cup Cakes

For ALL our Christmas Cupcakes take a look at our Photo Directory.

Snowman Cupcake - Adorable and Fun. Use our photos as a guide and you will soon have a 'blizzard' of snowmen.

Christmas Tree Decoration Cupcake - Bright and pretty - make heaps of these and have your very own christmas tree cupcake cake.

Cupcakes For Christmas - Green and Red, these look professional but with a little practice are pretty easy to replicate.

Valentine      Valentine Cup Cakes
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