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Making Cupcakes

All these are designed by Neil and I. And as we are not professional cake decorators, if we can make them, then so can you.

Enjoy and Happy Cupcake Cooking
Regards Lisa Paterson

Mar 23, 2011

Bird Assortment Cupcake Toppers

How do you jazz up a garden party? An assortment of bird cake toppers will do wonders for kids birthday party and adults birthday party alike. Shop for

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Dec 05, 2009

Rainbow Cupcake Toppers

Rainbow cake toppers will add spark and color to your little one's birthday party. The bright hues of red, yellow, green and blue are fun add-ons to

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Dec 02, 2009

Peace Sign Cupcake Toppers

Peace sign cake toppers will make any hippie, New Age fan, advocate or activist's day...especially his or her birthday! Shop for your Peace Cake

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Dec 01, 2009

Hannah Montana Cupcake Toppers

Who doesn't know Hannah Montana, especially among the young girls? Even Miley Cyrus became known for being Hannah Montana! These edible cake toppers

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Dec 01, 2009

Fiesta Cupcake Toppers

Ola amigos y amigas! It's time to party the Mexican way! Decorate your sweet treats with edible fiesta cake toppers. Give your cake, cupcakes,

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Dec 01, 2009

Cinderella Fairy Tale Princess Cupcake Toppers

Young girls are big fans of a fairy tale princess and her beautiful story. Cinderella is a popular character loved the world over and these Cinderella

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Nov 23, 2009

Cupcakes For Christmas

These cupcakes for Christmas look very festive and are easy to make. Just follow our step by step instructions and photos.

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Nov 23, 2009

Coffee Cup Cupcake Toppers

An afternoon coffee with friends will be more special with cupcakes decorated with the coffee time essential - coffee cup edible cupcake toppers.

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Nov 18, 2009

Clown Cupcake Toppers

These edible cake toppers are a fun addition to a kids birthday party. As the young partyphiles would likely say, where there’s a clown, there’s the

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Nov 08, 2009

Care Bears Cupcake Toppers

Care Bears fans will delight in these super cute edible Care Bears cupcake toppers! Shop for your Care Bear Cake Toppers HERE Great for celebrators

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Oct 18, 2009

Christmas Decoration Cupcakes - Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

What a great idea for a christmas cupcake - make cupcakes that look like christmas tree decorations. Just follow our step by step instructions and photos.

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Oct 18, 2009

Transformers Cupcake Toppers

Ask anyone who's into robots and cars, young and old alike, and you can bet that each of them knows the gang of uber-cool robots famously called the

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Oct 18, 2009

Wedding Love Cupcake Toppers

Love is in the air...make it more visible with love-inspired wedding cake toppers to adorn your sweet desserts. Either as food for guests or a

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Oct 18, 2009

Wall-E Cupcake Toppers

If you loved the movie, then you'll surely love the Wall-E cake toppers too! Shop for your Wall-E Cake Toppers HERE These edible cake toppers come

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Sep 21, 2009

Handy Tools Cupcake Toppers

Tools cake and cupcake toppers are a wonderful addition to themed parties, birthday parties, gatherings and other special occasions such as the

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