Cupcakes For Christmas

Red and Green Christmas Cupcake

Red and Green are the first colors one thinks of when it comes to Christmas. And these cakes make the most of those colors - though you could do these in any color.

Create a whole platter for great affect - or use a cake stand and turn it into your very own cupcake christmas tree cake.

These require a piping bag and a little practice but a pretty easy. As you know I am no decorator but after a couple I got the hang of it and I think they turned out fairly good!


How To Make Your Christmas Cupcakes

1 Standard sized cupcake - any recipe, we used our chocolate cupcake recipe
1 qty frosting recipe - colored to red
1 qty frosting recipe - colored to green
qty silver cacuous
1. Pipe little rosetts around each cupcake - altenating the color for each row.
2. Follow the images for color placement.

Makes 1 bright and cheerful looking Christmas Cupcake.

These are quick and easy to make - so make a whole platter full.

Get a large cake board and arrange the cupcakes in the shape of a tree for ever more fun.

Easy Cupcakes For Christmas          Cupcake Christmas Tree

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