Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I just love this little bunny cupcake. I saw it somewhere once and thought it would be difficult to make - but what a surprise I got. I was impressed with how good it looks and how easy it was.

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

All my guest were suitable impressed with how cute they are and I will be making them for easter again this year.

It's a novel cupcake of a bunny retreating down his burrow.

Make a plate full of them for your Easter celebrations. Use them as an Easter dessert.


Easter Bunny Cup Cakes

1 Cupcake - any cupcake recipe
1 qty butter cream frosting
3 marshmallows
qty shredded coconut
6 mini m&m's® - brown
1. Cover the cupcake in un-colored butter frosting - the longer you beat, the whiter it will go.
2. Cut 2 of the marshmallows in half to give 4 smaller rounds.
3. Place these on the cake for the ears and feet. Use the photo as a guide for placement. You may need to make a small cut in the cake to push in the ears - a few toothpicks may also be needed.
4. Cover the remaining marshmallow in frosting and roll in the coconut. And place on the cake as the tail.
5. Put a small dot of frosting on each of the brown candies and place on the feet as per the photos.
    So cute.
    So delicious.


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