Easter Cup Cake Decorations

This is the easiest Easter Cup Cake Decoration, ever.

Scrapbook designs

Put scrapbook motifs on top of your frosted cupcakes to instantly add a touch of easter. Scrapbooking embellishments are ideal as a quick fix cake decoration.

Scrapbooking is the decorating of photo albums. You have probably seen scrapbooking supplies in shops and may have never even taken any notice.

There are literally thousands of scrapbooking supplies at shops and online.

Choose scrapbook embellishments and stickers with an Easter theme.

  Easter Motifs

Easter Motifs

12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used basic vanilla and chocolate
1 qty butter icing
12 embellishments
1. Divide the icing into a couple of portions. And using food coloring, color each portion to compliment the scrapbook embellishments.
2. Ice each cake with a good covering of icing.
3. Arrange the scrapbook sticker, on top of each cake.
    Makes 12 easter cup cakes.
    Have fun with color.
    Make sure people realize they can't eat the decoration.

Easter Bunny Scrapbooking Sticker

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