Easter Nests

Easter Cupcake Decorations

An easy Easter Cupcake Decoration. Make these at home for a stunning Easter display. Simple cupcake nests with eggs.

Easter Nest Cupcakes

Use chocolate icing, chocolate 'flakes' and small eggs - it is easy to create these eggs.

These would make a great dessert for after Easter Dinner or fantastic Easter gifts.


Easter Nests

12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used basic vanilla and chocolate
1 qty chocolate butter icing
6 cadbury flakes® or similar
36 bought eggs, foil covered or we used M&M® eggs
1. Ice each cake with a good covering of chocolate icing.
2. Cut each flake in pieces (half or thirds). And then cut them in half length ways.
3. Arrange pieces of flake around the top of each cake. Using bits of icing to stick them together, as needed.
4. Place 3 eggs on top.
    Makes 12 easter nests.
    Alternatively decorate with store bought chickens.

Easter Cupcakes

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