Edible Flower Cake Toppers

Flower Cupcakes

Huge range of pre-made edible flower cake toppers, assorted styles, colors and sizes.

Great way to add instant color to a cake. The photo to the left, shows how I used some store bought flowers. I call these my cupcake flower gardens.

I used green colored butter cream frosting to cover the cupcakes in. To make it a bit more fancy - I piped the frosting on in rosettes. This was fun, and because you cover it with a flower it does not need to be perfect - which was good because I am no expert!

These flowers are fantastic for birthday cakes, celebration cakes and wedding cakes.

All the flowers are made primarily from finely granulated sugar that is molded into the various flower shapes and hand painted with edible food colors.

These flower cake decorations are also Kosher certified.

Edible Flower Cake Toppers Edible Daisy Decoration Edible Daffodil Flower Decoration Edible Flower Decorations Edible Cake Flowers
Edible Daisy Flowers Decorations Daisy Flower Cake Decorations Daffodil Cake Decorations Small Flower Decorations Edible Cake Flowers

Edible Cake Roses Edibe Flower Cake Decoration Edible Cake Poinsettias Edible Rose Cake Decoration Edible Pansy Flowers
Edible Mini Rose Cake Decorations Pansy Flower Cake Decorations Poinsettia Cake Decorations Rose Flower Decorations Edible Pansy Cake Flowers

Neil and I have also designed a few simple Edible Flower CupCake Decorations that you can make yourself using marshmallows.


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