Edible Frog Cake Toppers

Edible Frog Cake Topper

These Edible Frog Cake Toppers are so cute!

Your children and guests will love these tasty amphibian treats.

These toppers are excellent for spring, jungle / rain forest (Earth Day), or science themed events.

You can create your own little pond cupcakes. Cover your favorite cupcakes with blue icing to simulate water and add these little green frogs to the tops.

Easy and colorful!

Another variation is to cover your cupcakes with one stripe of green icing covering the left third of the cupcake, one stripe of brown icing covering the middle third, and one stripe of green icing on the right third of the cupcake.

Put your frog topper in the middle of the brown stripe, and presto, you have a tree frog on a tree.

The green icing is the jungle, and the brown icing is a tree. If you are really artistic you can add a branch to one side of the tree for effect.

Children and adults will find your creation adorable with these fun Edible Frog Cake Toppers!


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