Edible Lady Bug Cake Toppers

Edible LadyBug Cake Toppers

For a quick cake decorating idea use these edible lady bug cake toppers.

Cute, Fun and Festive. Brighten your Birthday Cake Today.

Here are some fun ways to decorate using these edible ladybugs.

  • Cover the cakes in green frosting and then sprinkle with green colored coconut. Place the lady bug on top and it will look like it is in a field of green grass.

  • Pipe flowers on the top of your cupcakes and place the ladybug on top. (The flowers won't need to be perfect as the lady bug will cover alot of it)

  • Lady Bug Cake Decoration
  • Cover the cakes in green and then use green sprinkles for grass and miniature flowers to create a garden setting for the ladybugs. (Like this idea? Check out this decorating package that includes everything you need.)

Did you know that:-
The spots on a real ladybug fade as the ladybug gets older.
Check out these fun Ladybug Facts and inspire a Lady bug theme party.

Neil and I have also designed a very cute LadyBug Cake Decoration that's easy to re-create at home.


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