Edible Swan Cake Toppers

Edible Swan Cake Toppers

These Edible Swan Cake Toppers are perfect decorations for many occasions.

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. The swan is a symbol for nobility, song, and grace.

I know that you see where we are going with this.

These white swan cake decorations are perfect for wedding receptions, wedding showers, and everything related.

A beautiful idea for using these toppers is to cover your favorite cupcakes with any color icing of your choice.

- Red and white together symbolize happiness and celebration.

- Yellow can symbolize joy, happiness, and optimism.

- Green can represent good luck, youth, and vigor.

- Blue can be the color of peace, calm, stability, security, and loyalty.

After your cupcakes are iced, place two swans facing each other so that the faces touch each other.

Now take a good look.

You've created a heart which symbolizes TRUE LOVE!

Feel free to mix up a few batches of icing to create some color variety.

Your cupcake creations will add that special touch to all of your wedding events, and your guests are sure to enjoy!


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