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Edible Cupcake Toppers can be used to instantly transform a cake into a masterpiece.

These are great as birthday cake toppers or any celebration. They work great when used with edible birthday gifts such as www.proflowers.com/birthday-gifts-btg.

They are possibly the easiest way to decorate cupcakes.

These are great as birthday cake toppers or any celebration.

Just cover your cupcake or cake in frosting and put these unique cake toppers on top - as easy as that.

Cake toppers are decorations either edible or not that sit on top of a cake as a decoration. Whilst you can make your own it is often easy to buy some already made - this way you don't need to be a decorating guru.

Edible Cake Toppers are generally made from hard sugar and quite ok to eat. Generally hand painted in many colors so as to add a new dimension to your cake decorating.

Neil and I have found a huge variety of unique cake toppers available and hope you enjoy these that we have picked for you.

Find wedding cake toppers; fun cake toppers suitable for children; toppers for every season and every celebration. Use your imagination and you will soon have created a uniquely designed cake that will get heaps of compliments.

Most of the cake toppers in this range are Kosher. Made from sugar and natural colors. GET THEM HERE.

PS We have also found some fun plastic cupcake toppers.

View all the Edible Toppers OR browse our list below, for your favorite.

American Flag Cupcake Topper

American Stars Edible Toppers

Babies Cake Toppers

Balloon Cake Toppers

Balloons - Hot Air

Baseball Cake Toppers

Basketball Cupcake Toppers

Birthday Cake Toppers

Bunny Topper

Butterfly Pre-made Decoration

Bee Cake Toppers

Boating Cake Toppers

Carrot Cupcake Topper

Cute Chicken Toppers

Christian Motifs

Christmas Toppers

Christmas Ornament Decorations

Car Cake Toppers

Playing Card Toppers

Cowboy Cake Toppers

Dalmation Puppy Toppers

Dollar Signs

Duck Cake Decorations

Dolphin Pre-made shapes

Dove Cup Cake Toppers

Easter Toppers - variety

Elmo Cartoon Cake Topper

Prepared Eye Decorations

Farm Characters

Food Shape Toppers

Football Cake Toppers

Flower Toppers - heaps of varieties

Frog Toppers

Gardening Motifs

Gingerbread Men Toppers

Golf Patty Cake Toppers

Heart Shapes

Heaps for Halloween

Hanukkah Cup Cake Toppers

Hats for your cakes

Hot Air Balloon Edible Toppers

Icecream Cupcake Toppers

Ivy Leaf Shapes

Ladybug Cupcake Topper

Lamb Toppers

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Topper

Mitten Toppers

Music Note Cupcake Topper

Mexican Cake Toppers

New Year Cupcake Topper

Noah Cake Topper

Palm Tree Topper

School Assortment Cupcake Topper

Swan Cupcake Topper

Transportation Vehicle Topper

Traffic Sign Topper

Ballet Slippers Cupcake Toppers 
Congratulate a ballerina on her birthday, recital or acceptance into ballet dance academy with a cake or box of cupcakes adorned with ballet slipper cake …

Safari Zoo Jungle Animal Cupcake Toppers 
Shop for these Cute animal cake toppers here. Are you an animal lover? Have you always wanted to go on a safari? Is the zoo your favorite hangout? …

Dog Cupcake Toppers 
DOG cake toppers are especially made for dog-lovers who are out to throw a party! They are the perfect dog cake decoration for the dog-lovers birthday …

Sea Shell Cupcake Topper Not rated yet
These sea shell cake toppers are a wonderful addition to a beach wedding cake and beach-themed birthday cake. Shop for your Sea Shell Cake Toppers …

Scooby Doo Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
If your kiddo is a Scooby Doo fanatic, here's the best thing to add to his/her birthday cake - Scooby Doo edible cake toppers! Scooby-doo-bi-doo!!! …

Playing Game Cards Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
For a casino-themed party, game nights and poker parties, don't forget to include these cool edible cake toppers. Shop for your Playing Card Cake …

Lips Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Pucker up and blow kisses with lips cake toppers. The song "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo and the Bunnymen couldn’t be any truer with these cake toppers …

Thanskgiving Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
For a Thanksgiving dessert idea, cover your cake, cupcakes or pumpkin pies in frosting, place on an attractive container or platter, and then decorate …

Snowman Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
For a good dose of winter fever, use snowman cake and cupcake edible toppers for your desserts. These are the best accessories to jazz up any winter or …

Snowflakes Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
If you want to dress up your cake for a winter celebration, go for snowflakes cake toppers. A wedding cake, birthday cake, cupcakes, cookies or brownies …

Happy Face Smiley Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
What better way to put a smile on the celebrator's face (and everyone else's!) than with these happy face cake toppers! Shop for your Smiley Face …

Graduation Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Throw a graduation party with these edible cupcake toppers. With 12 pieces per pack of graduation cap and scroll pairs, you get to adorn a dozen cupcakes …

Flip Flops Sandals Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Hawaiians might have started the flip-flops craze, but we have the edible flip-flops cake toppers to thank for for a great pool or beach party! …

Fish Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
For an under-the-sea, Little Mermaid, Nemo, Hawaiian, beach and other fish-inspired party theme, fish cake toppers are one of the best accessories. …

Fall Leaves Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
These edible cake toppers are so pretty! A cake topped with fall leaves is a romantic way to usher in the autumn season. Now is very timely indeed! …

Earth Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
How can you spice up rather plain-looking cupcakes? Why, by adding cupcake toppers of course! Shop for your Planet Earth Cake Toppers HERE …

Crayons Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Kids love to color and what an awesome way to celebrate a children's party with edible crayon cake toppers. Shop for your crayon cake toppers HERE …

Cocktail Drink Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Oooh...these unique edible cake toppers made of sugar and food coloring will make any cake or cupcakes as chic as your party. Shop for your Cocktail …

Cat Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Meow your way to a fun kids birthday party or even an adult birthday party (especially if you or other guests are a cat-lover) with edible CAT cake toppers. …

Bugs Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
I know, I know...bugs are icky! But what do little boys say? Bugs are adorable! It's for a kid's birthday party anyway, so why not decorate with bugs? …

Barbie Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Barbie! Every girl's best friend. Created in 1959 and still popular today; proves a point that this lady doll is one influential icon for the past and …

Baby Feet Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
Baby Feet cake toppers are perfect for your little one's 1st or 2nd birthday party. Shop for your Baby Feet Cupcake Toppers HERE What better …

Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
If you're thinking of ways to spruce up your baby shower cupcakes, simple tricks are all you need. First, decorate your cupcakes with an assortment …

Baby Button Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
A fun way to make your cake more colorful is to add edible baby button cake toppers. These cake and cupcake decorations are great for kids’ birthday …

Baby Bootie Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
If you are attending a baby shower and you are in charge of the cupcakes choose the blue baby bootie cupcake toppers. You get two pair of baby booties …

Jungle Animals Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
A jungle theme is popular style for boys’ birthday parties. Now you can make his birthday party even better with the jungle animal’s cupcake toppers. Unlike …

Animal Paw Prints Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
If you know of an animal lover then this is the perfect cupcake topper to use. The animal paw prints are the perfect shape. Each animal paw prints cupcake …

Baby Bootie Cupcake Toppers (Pink) Not rated yet
Shop For these Pink Baby Bootie Edibles HERE. Awaiting the arrival of a new baby for a fun baby shower; celebrating the acceptance into the Christian …

Angel Cupcake Toppers Not rated yet
These edible angel cherub cake toppers are heavenly! Buy Them HERE! Perfect for a match-made-in-heaven wedding celebration and a touching addition …

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