Flower Cup Cake Decoration

You can create this spectacular Flower Cup Cake Decoration at home.

It is really very simple and no cake decorating experience is needed, just follow our step by step directions below.

Just use store bought miniature marshmallows and follow the step by step instructions below and you will soon have a spectacular mini flower cupcake. I think they look a bit like a daisy or dahlia flower. Give them a try, you will be happily surprised at how easy they are.

Ideal for a gardener or flower lover's birthday.

  Flower Cup Cake

Miniature Marshmallow Flower

12 Cup Cakes - any recipe, we used basic vanilla
1 qty butter icing
  red food coloring
1 pkt white miniature marshmallows (or other colors if preferred)
12 chocolate candies (smarties®)

Miniature Flower Cup Cake
1. Color the icing a medium pink color.
2. ice each Cup Cake.
3. Cut the marshmallows in half using scissors (see top picture).
4. Pinch the ends of each marshmallow half, to form the petal shape.
5. Place the smartie in the middle of each cake.
6. Position the marshmallow petals around the smartie in overlapping circles..
    Makes 12.
    We had fun making these and were thrilled with how good they looked.


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