Frog Cupcakes

Frog Cupcake Decoration


My neice used to love frogs and had a whole collection of frog collectibles - this frog cupcake would have been ideal for her birthday.

Check out the 2 different frogs that we created. There is one with green eyes and the other we gave googly white eyes.

It's not easy being "Green". Maybe not, but these frog cupcakes certainly are easy.

Follow our easy step by step directions, to create your own frog.

And then experiment with this Frog Cupcake Decoration and come up with your own variations.



12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used chocolate
1 qty butter icing
  green food coloring
1 pkt marshmallows
1 pkt jubes (need green and red)
1 pkt miniature marshmallows
  licorice strips
black decorating gel (see side bar)
Decorating Gels
You can buy these at your local grocery store or Buy Here Online. They come in plastic tubes are reusable and last for ages.
1. Color the icing to a bright green shade.
2. Cover each cake with the green icing.
White Eyed Frog
A. Cut a side off each marshmallow, so that they will sit flat. Position at top of cake.
B. Pipe a small amount of black gel in the middle of each marshmallow.
C. Pipe a small amount of black gel on the cake as a nose.
D. Cut a slither off a red jube and position as the mouth.
Green Eyed Frog
A. Using a small amount of icing, attach the miniature marshmallow to each green jube.
B. Cut a small slither of licorice and push this into the middle of the marshmallow.
C. Gently push two green jubes into the top of each cake.
D. Cut another slither of licorice and position as the mouth.

    Watch them hop out the room :-)


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