Gravestone Cupcake Decoration

We had fun making these gravestone cupcakes.

Much easier than we thought they would be.

Make a whole plate full of these for a very scary Halloween Cake.

Gravestone Cupcakes

Write scary messages on each tombstone. Scatter colored coconut on a plate the position the cakes to look like a real graveyard.

You could even get some arms off some small dolls and have them sticking out of the grave :-(

My sister used some of these last halloween with great success - she got a formal thankyou from the organizer of the function.


Gravestone Cupcake

12 Cupcakes - any recipe
1 qty butter icing - green and/or chocolate and white
12 oval shaped cookies/biscuits (we used 3 different ones, so you can see the effect)
1 tube black gel icing (purchase from store - pre-made)
1 tube white gel icing (purchase from store - pre-made)
1. Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in each cupcake.
2. Put icing on each cake.
3. Put icing on the cookies.
4. Carefully wedge cookie into slit in cake.
5. Use gel to pipe messages on to the gravestones.
6. Crush some extra cookies and sprinkle on cake to look like dirt. Or use some cocoa powder.
    Makes 12 halloween cup cakes.


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