Handy Tools Cupcake Toppers

Tools cake and cupcake toppers are a wonderful addition to themed parties, birthday parties, gatherings and other special occasions such as the following:

- Father's Day and Mother's Day
- Housewarming or house remodeling/renovation
- Career Day
- Labor Day
- Company outings, parties or blessings
- On-site openings
- Graduation (especially for the soon-to-be architects, engineers, contractors)
- Perfect Birthday cake for the Handyman

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Actually, the list goes on and we're sort of running out of space. To make the story short, don't miss out on these edible tools cake and cupcake toppers, especially if the celebrator, guest of honor or the guests hold chain saws, hammers, drills and wrenches close to their heart.

Tools such as these may look too macho in real life. But as edible toppers, they are the cutest things you'll ever see.

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