Jungle Animals Cupcake Toppers

A jungle theme is popular style for boys’ birthday parties. Now you can make his birthday party even better with the jungle animal’s cupcake toppers. Unlike the jungle animals you see in the safari these animals are tame.

Shop for these Jungle Animal Cake Toppers HERE

Each package includes one each; elephant, zebra, lion, or a monkey. Depending on the animal, they are 1 1/4 inches to 1 1/2 inch in size.

You can also use these adorable animals on brownies, cookies, ice cream, or you can add them to their favorite bowl of cereal.

Create a new look on a cupcake by baking the cupcakes and allowing them to cool. Meanwhile take a few drops of green food coloring and color a cup of shredded coconut. Ice the cupcakes then add a jungle animal edible cake topper. Place a little bit of coconut grass around the animals paws and you have created the perfect jungle cupcake.

Shop for these Jungle Animal Cake Toppers HERE

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