Koala Cup Cake

Koala Cupcake Decoration


Munching on some eucalyptus leaves is this cute Koala Cupcake Decoration. He is a very cute bear and as with all our cakes, so simple to make.

The Koala, which isn't really a bear is a native animal of australia. They eat gum leaves, live in trees, sleep during the day and are active at night.

Follow our easy step by step directions, to create your own koala.

This koala bear uses lots of different chocolates to create a cute face. Use what you have and create your own bear cupcake. If you use a yellow frosting instead of the chocolate you will have a grizzly bear cupcake.



12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used vanilla
1 qty butter icing
  yellow and red food coloring
1 tbls coco powder
24 round chocolate melts
24 dark chocolate chips
12 chocolate coated almonds
1. Color the icing to a bright orange shade. Then add the coco powder to create a orange/brown color.
2. Cover each cake with the icing.
3. Push two chocolate melts into the top of the cake to represent the ears. Push into the cake, so they will hold.
4. Position two choc chips for the eyes.
5. Position the chocolate coated almond as the nose.
    Makes 12 very cute bears.


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