Lady Bug Cake

Ladybug Cupcake Decoration

This Ladybug Cupcake Decoration looks very cute and is simple to make.

Ladybugs are characterized by bright red bodies and black spots. And so is this cake.

It's bright pink body and choc drop spots, make it a favorite with the children. Add a little white face, a few drops for the eyes and some licorice antena.

Edible Ladybug Topper

Follow our easy step by step directions, to create your own ladybug.

Any little girl would love this as their birthday cake. As there is a fascination with ladybugs.

However, if you are really really busy, you can buy some cute little edible ladybug cupcake decorations.



12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used chocolate
1 qty butter icing
  red food coloring
1 pkt dark chocolate drops
1 pkt rainbow choc-chips
  licorice strips
1. Set a side a small amount of icing to remain white for the head. Color the remaining icing to a bright pink shade.
2. Cover each cake with pink icing and a small semi circle of white icing.
3. Position a licorice strip down the middle of each cake.
4. Position choc drops on the pink icing.
5. Use two rainbow chips as eyes and one as a nose.
6. Cut a small sliver of licorice for the mouth.
7. And use two more strips of licorice for the antenna.
    Makes 12.


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