Lips Cupcake Toppers

Lips Cup Toppers

Lips Cup Toppers

Pucker up and blow kisses with lips cake toppers.

The song "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo and the Bunnymen couldn’t be any truer with these cake toppers in mind.

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Show your special someone your love with these kissable red lips toppers made of sugar. Place on top of a cake or cupcakes, and your loved one is in for a sweet treat.

Perfect for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. Better yet, give your sweetheart a nice surprise with a cake or box of cupcakes decorated with these edible lips toppers on any given day.

For an all-out romantic gesture, use red frosting on the cake or cupcakes, form heart-shaped frosting, lay on the lips toppers and top off with marshmallows or cherries.

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