Mummy Cupcake Decoration

  Mummy Cupcake

The best-known mummies are those that have been deliberately embalmed with the specific purpose of preservation, particularly those in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian culture believed the body was home to a person's Ka which was essential in one's afterlife.

Well I'm not sure these mummies will be much use in the afterlife but they sure are fun to make. Use the photos as a guide.

And taste great.

Peter took one to work and everyone thought they were fantastic.

These are a great novel idea for halloween.


Mummy Cupcake

12 Cupcakes - any recipe
1 qty butter icing
24 candies for eyes (we used some from a pack of mini licorice allsorts)
1 pkt prepared icing (bought from store)
1. Put icing on each cake.
2. Roll out the prepared icing to a thin sheet as per instructions on pack.
3. Cut strips of icing.
Cutting Icing
4. Put the lollies in place, as eyes on the cupcake.
5. Drape the strips of icing over the cake to create the mummy.
Making Mummy
    Makes 12 halloween cup cakes.


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