Animal cupcake decoration ideas you can make at home.

Patty cake Decorations


Patty cake Decorations, you can do at home.

Step by step, simple cake decorating instructions for great looking cup cakes.

Here is a list of all our Animal theme cup cake decorations. Find cup cakes for Sheep, Bears, Bees and much more.

If you are after a different theme then take a look at our entire patty cake decoration index.

Neil and I have made all these cakes ourselves. And if we can achieve these, so can you.

Animal cupcakes are fun and everyone likes them. Always a hit with the children and young at heart. Give them a try and you will be impressed with the result.

With a little imagination and a few different chocolates and candies it is amazing what sort of cupcake decoration you can produce. Just relax and have fun with it.


Animal Cupcakes

Frog - These googley eyed frogs are fun.

Koala Bear - Cute bear, extra easy to create.

Pig - Pretty in Pink is this Pig.

Sheep - Cute sheep using mini marshmallows.

Bug Cupcakes

Bee - Buzz Buzz! This cupcake will have your party buzzing in no time.

Butterfly - Beautiful butterfly uses 4 cupcakes - very pretty and affective.

Butterfly Cupcakes - These butterflies only require 1 cupcake each.

Ladybug - Quick, easy and fun to make. The children can even help with these.

Spider - This platter of patty cakes is perfect for a Halloween party.
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