Pig Cupcake Decoration

Pig Cupcake

I must say, that I am very impressed with how this pig cupcake decoration looks.

We had some pigs when I was growing up and well this pig decoration does remind me of them.

The big pink nose sets this Pig Cupcake Decoration apart and it looks very cute yet is simple to make.

Follow our easy step by step directions, to create your own pig.

Change the colors around and creat your own individual pig. Instead of pink why not have a blue pig with a white nose for a boy birthday cake. Or have a crazy pig with a whole rainbow of colors.



12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used chocolate
1 qty butter icing
  red food coloring
1 pkt dark chocolate drops
1 pkt pink marshmallows
black decorating gel (see side bar)
Decorating Gels
You can buy these Here Online or at your local grocery store. They come in plastic tubes are reusable and last for ages.
1. Color the icing to a bright pink shade.
2. Cover each cake with pink icing.
3. Cut a marshmallow in half. And then pinch one end to make the poit of the ear.
Making the Pig Ear
4. Position the marshmallow ears into place.
5. Position a marshmallow as a nose.
6. Pipe two black dots on the nose for nostrils.
7. Position two choc chips as the eyes.
    Makes 12.


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