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Scrapbook Decorations

Scrapbook motifs, scrapbooking stickers and scrapbooking cutouts make fabulous cake decorations.

There are literally thousands and thousands of designs available as miniatures and three dimensional shapes sold in packs.

Scrapbooking is the decorating of photos and the arranging of picture albums. You may have seen some scrapbooking supplies in stores.

For a quick and simple cake decorating method, scrapbook embelishments are ideal. For a fun idea, it is so simple and easy that the kids could help out.

Find a design for every theme - animals, weddings, christenings, sports, academic, birthday etc etc. You name it and you will find a scrapbook embellishment that represents it.

Have a look around your local scrapbooking store and you are sure to find heaps of fun motifs and stickers.

Decoration Instructions

Ice each cake with a colored butter cream frosting.

Place a scrapbook motif on top.

Instantly a great looking cup cake.

Scrapbook Motif Cakes


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