Sea Shell Cupcake Topper

Sea Shell Cake Topper

Sea Shell Cake Topper

These sea shell cake toppers are a wonderful addition to a beach wedding cake and beach-themed birthday cake.

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The sugar-made edible toppers are designed with food coloring, making them look more appetizing. A treat to your taste buds. A treat to your eyes.

They are the most adorable sea shells you'll ever see!

Cover your cake or cupcakes with ocean blue frosting and top off with these yummy sea shells.

For sun-filled desserts, sprinkle some yellow M&M candies with the sea shell cake toppers and polish off with a miniature umbrella food decor. Place on plates made of wood or other native materials for a real tropical look. Then proudly serve to your guests.

They'll love not only the taste of your cake or cupcakes, but how they are presented as well.

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