Sheep Cupcake Decoration

I think sheep are great, we currently have 120 of them happily eating the grass in our paddock.

I think this sheep cupcake decoration looks a bit like a few of them :-)

Children will love these as their birthday cake.

No previous cupcake decorating experience is needed to create this cute cake decoration.

Just use marshmallows and follow our step by step instructions.

In no time you will have your very own sheep cakes.

If you are really pressed for time. You can always buy some cute Lamb cake decorations.

  Sheep Cupcake

Marshmallow Sheep

12 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used this choc chip cupcake recipe
1 qty butter icing
1 pkt white miniature marshmallows
  licorice strips
blue and red decorating gels (see side bar)
Decorating Gels
You can buy these at your local grocery store.

Or buy them online HERE.
1. Cover each cake with icing.
2. Cut each mini marshmallow in half using scissors, to form little round marshmallows.
3. Position a row of marshmallow rounds around the edge of the cake.
4. Position a second row inside the first, leaving two out. This will allow a space for the legs.
5. Pipe two small dots in the space left for the eyes.
6. Pipe a small red mouth.
7. Cut two small strips of licorice for the legs.
    Makes 12.
    These sheep are so cute.
    Heaps of fun to make.


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