Snake Cupcake Decoration

  Snake Cupcake

This snake cupcake decoration is so easy, get the children to help.

Use the photo as a guide.

We have used green icing, but use what ever color you like. Blue or orange would look ghoolish for halloween.


Snake Cupcake

12 Cupcakes - any recipe
1 qty butter icing - any color
1 pkt snakes (in the photo above, we used sour snakes - but I did not like the taste :-(
1 tube black gel icing (bought from store)
1. Cut a small hole in the top of each cake.
2. Put icing on each cake.
3. Cut the snakes to varying lenghts.
4. Poke one end of a snake into the hole on top of the cake and proceed until several snakes are coming out of the one hole.
5. Pipe dots onto the end of the snakes for eyes.
    Makes 12 snake cup cakes.


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