Snowman Cupcake Decoration

Snowman Cupcake Cake Decoration YOU can make at home.

What a great idea for a christmas cupcake cake - this snowman cupcake decoration idea is easy and looks spectacular. Just follow our step by step instructions and photos.

As you can see from the photo this snowman cake needs a couple of marshmallows. I used plain white icing as the ground but a couple of alternative cupcake decorating ideas are:-

  • cover the white icing in coconut for a more 3d snow effect
  • cover the cupcake in green icing and then sprinkle with coconut for a cute in the snow and grass look
  • cover the cupcake in brown icing and put coconut all over for an impressive snow cupcake


How To Make A Snowman Cupcake Cake

1 Standard sized cupcake - any recipe, we used our red velvet cupcake recipe
1 qty frosting recipe - beat extra to turn pure white
2 white marshmallows
1 black chocolate covered candy
1 piece red colored fruit strip
1 pretzel stick
1 orange jube (soft candy)
1 chocolate 'after dinner mint'
1 tube black gel icing
1. Cover each cupcake with the cupcake frosting.
2. Stick the 2 marshmallows together with some icing, and stick these to the top of your frosted cupcake.
3. Break the pretzel into 2 lengths for the arms and carefully push these into the marshmallow.
4. Cut the chocolate after dinner mint into a circle shape for the snowman's hat. Using a small dot of frosting stick the choc coated candy on top. And then with another dot of frosting stick the hat to the snowman's head.
5. Cut a tiny slither of orange jube for the nose. I used a toothpick to make a hole in the marshmallow to stick the nose in.
6. Cut the fruit strip into a small "scarf" and position around the snowman's arms.
7. Use the black gel to apply the eyes and buttons.

Ideal as a Christmas Cupcake Decoration Idea is this Snowman Cake.

Makes 1 very cute and adorable snowman cupcake cake.

I made this fairly quickly; not a difficult as it might first appear.

Surprise everyone this year with a delightful christmas cupcake, not only do they look good but they taste fantastic.


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