A Halloween party can be fun, add to it's spooky atmoshphere with this spider web cake - guaranteed to cause a fright and make your halloween party food the best ever. Suitable for the childrens halloween party or an adults halloween party.


Spider Cupcake Decoration


This Spider Cupcake Decoration looks very scary - just right for a halloween party.

Follow our simple step by step instructions and photos, no cake decorating experience needed.

The cake we have made for you here is ideal for a halloween party. Everyone can have their own cupcake - no need for bothering with cutting a large cake.

  Making Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Alternatively, you could make individual cakes and decorate each with webs - either with piped icing or with licorice strips or maybe even black ribbon. And then put a spider on top.

We used three different icings just for some contrast, but you could do it all in one if you prefer.

Neil and I also made a few different types of spiders. We thought lolly ones would be easier however the piped chocolate ones were by far easier - even though I'm not a cake decorator and generally avoid piping bags.

So, we recommend the chocolate piped spiders as the way to go. You should be able to pick up a cheap piping bag for $1 or $2 at your local grocery store.


Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes

16 Cupcakes - any recipe, we used gingerbread and psychedelic rainbow cupcakes.
1 qty butter icing
4 oz (115g) dark chocolate
  licorice strips
  assorted lollies to decorate spiders (smarties, cachous, mints etc)
Assorted Lollies
Smarties are round candy coated chocolates.
Cachous are small lolly balls that look like ball bearings.
1. Decide on color of cake icing. We went with yellow, orange and chocolate. Color the icing accordingly and cover each cake. (see top left photo).
2. Arrange cakes on the board you intend to serve on. (We used 16 cakes though you could use any number).
3. Position one cake in the middle of the board, then position 5 evenly around this one and then position a row of 10 around the outer edge.
4. Cut strips of licorice to go from the middle cake to each outer cake. (see top middle photo)
5. Then cut strips of licorice to form circles around the middle cake - see top middle photo.
6. Melt the chocolate (I used the microwave - but be careful not to burn. The chocolate tends to melt but still stay in original shape, so stir every 10 seconds.)
7. Carefully spoon the chocolate into the piping bag.
8. On a tray covered with baking paper, pipe spider shapes.
9. We found it easier to pipe a small round head, then the legs and then add a large body.
Piping Chocolate Spiders
8. Use lollies to decorate the spiders. Use the cachous for the eyes and smarties for the bodies. Make 15 spiders and decorate each cupcake with a spider so everyone gets one.
    Makes one spectacular spider-web cake of 15 cupcakes.
    These spiders are easy to make.


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