Spider Cupcake Toppers

Spider Cake Toppers

Spider Cake Toppers

A mother and father spiders with their 3 babies on your Halloween cake? Whoa! That would look eerily awesome!

Don't fret though. I'm talking about a play spider family - Spider cake and cupcake toppers. They're edible - sweet and tasty, so you can eat these spiders too. Oh, creepy but cool!

If you don't want to make your own spider decorations then Shop for your Spider Cake Toppers HERE.

Halloween is almost here and the tricks are coming out of everyone's sleeves. Why not show yours with these spider cake toppers?

They're instant decors too for your cupcakes - place individually on each frosted cupcake. Match the parent spider toppers with bigger cupcakes while the babies go with the smaller ones. Baby spider cupcake toppers are also ideal for cookies and brownies.

Enjoy a Halloween party or a Spiderman themed party with these unique cake decors.

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