Sports Balls Cupcake Toppers

Ball Cake Toppers

Ball Cake Toppers

Attention ballers! Here's a perfect game plan for you...

An assortment of sports balls edible toppers for your cake and cupcakes. Amazing food decors for your after-game snacks, practice meal box, victory parties and other sports get-together.

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One package of these cake toppers has all the best sugar shapes - baseball, basketball, football and soccer. There's something for every ball sports fan.

Cover the cake and cupcakes in frosting with your team's color. Alternatively, capture the image of a playing field with a dab of green frosting and a sprinkling of green coconut. Then, place the sports balls toppers on top of your cakes.

For a cupcake feast, consider grouping these mini cakes with different ball toppers. Have a platter with soccer ball toppers, another one for cupcakes decked with basketball toppers, then with baseball toppers and finally, cupcakes topped with football toppers.

This will surely make your snack table one big sports fest!

The ideal birthday cake for the sportsman (or women) in your family.

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