Wedding Cupcakes

Here below is a photo of the wedding cupcakes I made for my sister's wedding. It looks spectacular but these cupcake wedding cakes were surprisingly easy to make - and if I can make them so can you. No fancy decorating skills needed.
Cupcake Wedding Cakes
There are about 60 cupcakes in all and one larger cake for the top.

Each cake is made of a cupcake fruitcake recipe that I had everyone asking for the recipe. I would suggest using a fruit cake or a mud cake - just so you can make them in advance. (As I was the bridesmaid and had a house full of guests I needed something I could make in advance).

The colors of the wedding where pink and silver - thus the coloring of the cake. I bought the silver cupcake papers.

The icing is fondant icing that I bought pre-made from my local cake decorating shop. It comes in about a pound block (500g) - I think I probably used 3 pounds (did have a few practice runs so not 100% sure). Make sure you buy a good quality icing, the first lot I purchased was from the supermarket and it went sticky.

All you do with the icing is roll it in your hands to soften up and then roll out using a rolling pin. (I had photo's of all this but now can't find them :-(. Have some icing sugar (confectioner's sugar) on hand to dust your board and rolling pin.

wedding cup cake Only roll a small amount out at a time - enough that you can manage.

I colored some of the fondant in pink and kept adding food coloring until I got the desired color.

I only decorated 4 or 5 cakes at a time to stop the icing going hard. So work with small quantities.

So to create the pink heart underneath - I cut out a small round (I used a small round cutter) of pink icing and placed this on the cake.

Then I cut a larger round of white, using a round cutter - the right size for the cake. Then in the middle of this I cut out, using a heart shaped cutter the heart. Working quickly I then pushed on the cachous (need to do this before icing dries). Then I carefully placed the white piece on top of the pink piece of icing on the cake... And now you have one wedding cupcake. Seal away in a air tight container.

I then proceeded the same with the other colors.

To get the silver hearts, I cut out small white circles of icing and then used silver cake icing paint to paint them.

I completed the cakes in several sessions over about a week.

The cakes were about 2 weeks old by the time of the wedding - but we tasted one last week that was now 4 months old and it still tasted fine.

I purchased a cupcake stand and set them up on this.

I made a larger cake for the top and iced it with the same fondant icing. I used a piece of silver ribbon stuck on by pins to carry on the silver theme. You can then purchase some hearts on wire to go on top. I actually purchased the silver ones and made the pink ones.

Now, I don't really know how the professionals make them but this is what I did. Firstly, I purchased the wire from my cake decorating shop (they asked what thickness I wanted - I just shrugged my shoulders - so I got a medium type of wire???). I then rolled out some pink fondant icing; cut out hearts; and gently pushed the wire in. Several times the wire broke through but eventually I got a few good ones. I then let these dry hard on a cake rack.

I then assembled it the night before at the reception center and we all had a lovely time.

Now, I know these instructions seem long but it's pretty easy. No fancy decorating skills needed.

Here is another cupcake cake that I made for my sister engagement party and it would also be suitable as a wedding cupcakes.

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